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Archery Competition

Duration: 1½ h

Season: May-Nov


Less than 30 persons 40,00 € / person (inc. VAT 10 %)

30+ persons 35,00 € / person (inc. VAT 10 %)

Minimum fee: 10 persons

Insurance: Go Arctic Ltd has organizer’s liability insurance

The arrow flies through the air and hits the board – right on the middle!

Archery is an exciting hobby, which makes us forget our hectic life for a while. While drawing and targeting the bow you have to concentrate and forget everything else in your mind. Archery is about technique and it teaches how to control ourselves perfectly. 

The program includes the basics of the archery and a competition between participants.
Who is the Robin Hood of the group? Archery suits everyone, welcome to try!


Program includes: Learning the basics, training and competition, prizes for winners and guide services 

Equipment: Customers' own outdoor clothing

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