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Traditional games in The Maikkula Estate area

Duration: ca. 1,5 hours

Available: May-Nov


Less than 30 persons 40,00 € / person (inc.VAT 10%) 

30 + persons 35,00 € / person (inc. VAT 10%)

Minimum fee 10 persons

Insurance: Go Arctic Oy has organizer’s liability insurance 

Feel the "good old times" when TV, Internet or PlayStation were not even invented, yet! The Maikkula Estate area is still in the same surroundings as at the 1700th century. 

We are playing old, traditional games from the Sami and Carelian. There are knives, wrestling and axes involved, safety and funnily, of course. Traditional meals also available. 

Guides are also storytellers and you'll hear about history of Oulu. 

Program incluedes: Many different traditional activities, prizes and guide services.  

Customers' own equipment: Outdoor-clothing

For extra charge: Meals

 More information and reservations here!