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Hassle in the city - let´s figure this out together!

Duration: 2–3 h

Location: Science center Tiedekeskus Tietomaa

Available: Throughout the year

Price: 42,00 € / person (inc. alv 10 %)

Minimum fee: 10 persons

Insurance: Go Arctic Oy has organizer’s liability insurance 

Are you in a need of a little brainstorm with fun for the whole team? Hassle in the city -program takes place at Science centre Tietomaa. There are quizzes of Oulu, themes of science center and about the old, historic building. There are also physical challenges such as air-guitar playing and ski-jumping. To accomplish all, you need help from each other and your team power will be strengthened!

Program includes: Equipment, instructions, entrance fee, prizes for winners and guide services. 

For extra charge: Special prizes, landing with a rope from 45 m tower.

NOTICE! If the program takes places outside Tietomaa's normal opening hours, the extra charge is 250,00 €.

More information and reservations here!