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Traditional tar olympics

Duration: ca. 2 h

Available: May-Nov

Price: 48,00 € / person (inc. VAT 10 %)

Minimum fee: 10 persons

Insurance: Go Arctic Oy has organizer’s liability insurance 

How to get tar from the tree in to barrels? Join this program and find out! Tar's been one of Finland's main export product and river Oulu one of the main shipping rivers. Tar Olympics is fun with facts. First you have to find the right kind of pines, peel off the outside layer of the tree, chopping the trees and putting those into tar kilns to get the tar out of the pine.. This program is full of information, but also competing with lots of laugh. After the tar is in barrels, it must be loaded and shipped to the storages. The fastest is the winner!

Program includes: 5 different ticks about tar, prizes for winners, a souvenir for everyone and guiding service.  

For extra charge: Sauna, meals, transportation etc.

More information and reservations here!